Are you ready to improve your company’s productivity?

We are here to transform the industry and take your company’s efficiency to the next level.

We offer digitalization solutions for productive companies. Our online platform enables users to measure, organize, and plan their work more efficiently, using IoT sensors that report real-time data.

In addition, we use artificial intelligence to analyze and generate reports and alerts that assist users in taking wiser and more strategic decisions.


Efficiency Improvement

The Efficast online App allows users to track and analyze real-time production data, enabling them to improve effectiveness and productivity.

Informed and Strategic
Decision Making

The Efficast AI analyzes and generates reports and alerts, allowing users to make faster and better decisions.

Cost Reduction

By improving efficiency, Efficast’s clients can reduce production and machinery maintenance costs and increase profits.

Work and Production Planning Improvement

Efficast allows users to plan and track production orders and more efficiently.

Efficast in numbers

Improvement of your OEE in one year

Faster decision making

Feel more informed about what's going on

To deliver return on investment

Reduction of downtime

Increasement in the team's productivity

How do we implement it?

We make a DEMO

We meet up to get the details about your product.

We analyze your Company

We analyze the production process and identify the machinery to be analyzed.

We make a Proposal

We create a customized commercial proposal for your production process.

We install the Widgets

We install the widgets and give you access to your dashboard.

You start measuring your production

You start to see the reports and graphs of your production process.

Congrats! You are 4.0

You make better decisions with your optimized production process.

4.0 Industries

Companies that have already joined Efficast’s 4.0 experience.

Let's have a Coffee

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